Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pope Francis Betrayed The Church In Red China

I'm dumbfounded.  The pope just threw two Chinese bishops under the bus to favor two others who were illicitly ordained.  The two illicitly ordained were favored by the Communist regime - the same regime that forces women to abort their unborn children and who have persecuted Christians for decades.  The pope just validated the persecution of the faithful bishops as he kowtowed to the Chinese thugs.

This is betrayal of the worst order.  The shepherd has thrown his sheep to the wolves.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Action Needed - Particularly For Philadelphia Area Catholics

Yesterday at St. Rose of Lima Church in Eddystone PA, located within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Deacon Anthony DiIenno committed sacrilege while giving the homily at Mass.  See for yourselves, from the facebook page of his very misguided daughter.

UPDATE - She pulled the post or changed its privacy settings.  I had a feeling that might happened so I saved a screen-shot of it.  Below is that screen shot in lieu of the post.

Apparently the mask had to do with some football game.  No matter.  Holy Mass is not the time to be acting like a juvenile.  Mass is about Our Lord Jesus Christ and nothing else.  This Holy Sacrifice, which is the most important event of the week for any Catholic, is not to be trivialized for any reason.

Please contact this parish, St Rose of Lima in Eddystone.  Also register a complaint with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  We as faithful Catholics must raise our voices when Our Lord is outraged during Holy Mass.  This deacon needs to issue a public apology for his sacrilege.  If he won't, he should be disciplined and even laicized. From his daughter's facebook page, we know he is a grandfather.  He knows better than that.This behavior is unacceptable.

Speaking of facebook, one can go to the parish's facebook page from the link on the parish webpage.  Please do that and leave your respectful but firm complaint.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Marriage On The Fly - In More Ways Than One

It seems like an ecclesiastical disaster erupts every time Pope Francis embarks on an international flight.  Last week's trip was no exception.  Much of secular and milquetoast-Catholic media is all aflutter about the so-called "beautiful" marriage that the pope officiated between two of the airline employees whilst in flight.  Never mind that the two of them were only "civilly married", that is, were shacking up for eight years beforehand.  You see, it was so..."spontaneous", and...and.."so pastoral" of the pope to marry them on the spot, right?  Well, maybe not so much.

It turns out that things may not have been that "spontaneous" after all - that in reality, at least the couple had their eye on this possibility.  They said as much in an interview they gave to a local newspaper - a month before the nuptial flight.  Many news outlets, including CNN, portrayed the situation as the pope offering to marry them and the couple gladly accepting - making it look like the entire thing occurred at the pope's initiative.  So was it the pope's initiative, or the couple's?  Might it be a combination?  Might the Vatican have gotten wind of the couple's interview and have determined that this "impromptu wedding" might be a booster for the pope's image?  In other words, was the whole thing scripted from the get-go?  So much for the "god of surprises"!

There are also questions regarding the status of this "wedding".  Canon lawyer Ed Peters raises some important questions.   Recall, of course, that canon law is the law of the Church.  Peters also states that because of the pope's disregard for Church norms, that priests will have even more difficulty in enforcing them in their own parishes - norms such as marriage preparation, insistence on being in a state of grace (recalling that this couple had been shacking up for eight years), etc.

Now here's another unpleasant but relevant consideration.  We now know that Amoralis Lamentia is a deliberated assault on three sacraments: Confession, Communion, and Matrimony.  Last week's "flighty marriage" was yet another episode that undermines the Sacrament of Matrimony and all it entails.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Of Medals, Seamless Garment, And Corruption

I posted the above from Father West for he says eloquently what I've been trying to say to those Catholics who not only refuse to acknowledge the evidence of Pope Francis' misdeeds but who lash out (in fits of obvious denial of reality) at those of us who are trying to shine much-needed light on these situations.  At one time I thought that these friends were simply too trusting and a bit simplistic in their views on the papacy.  Given their increasingly vitriolic reactions to our efforts, I must wonder if there is some intellectual dishonesty influencing them.

Let's look at two things.

Last week we learned that the pope gave a medal that is only given to a Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St Gregory to a rabidly pro-abortion Dutch politician.  Now they've gone into "damage control" according to Austin Ruse.  Perhaps the "control" should be rendered "augmentation".  We read that "the medal was no more than part of a protocol exchange".  Really?  I'm sure the Vatican has engaged in many, many protocol exchanges with other visiting dignitaries over the past centuries.  When, oh when, has the Vatican ever given such medals in the past as part of "protocol exchanges"?

Then the article says, "In recent months, the Vatican has played host to a steady stream of speakers who stand in public opposition to Church teaching on a whole host of issues including Governor Jerry Brown of California."  Now hold this thought for a moment while I bring up a related matter.

Today the annual March for Life occurred.  In addition to the main march in Washington DC, similar marches occurred elsewhere at the same time for the sake of those who were unable to make the journey to DC.  Such was the case in Little Rock, AR.  The local marches there were first organized by local bishops.  However, this year, Bishop Anthony Taylor of the Diocese of Little Rock boycotted the march because the local pro-life organizations had booked as a speaker someone who supports the use of the death penalty.  The speaker is Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, whose pro-life credentials seem to be totally in line with traditional Catholic morality as opposed to the "seamless garment" caricature of the same.  Bishop Taylor, in ascribing capital punishment the same status as baby-murder, is dissenting from Catholic moral teaching.  I've posted before why the move to eliminate the use of all capital punishment may well be its own heresy.  But the death penalty is not today's main consideration.

Consider both of the preceding paragraphs.  One the one hand, you have rabid pro-aborts being wined and dined and even given medals by the pope. These pro-aborts, though, are good little progressives who whine about capital punishment, climate-change junk-science, immigration.  On the other hand, you have a bishop snubbing a march for life because another speaker doesn't toady to the progressive talking points on capital punishment.  A consideration of both these scenarios together buttresses my suspicions that the so-called "seamless garment" yak is nothing more than a smokescreen for pro-abortion infiltration of the Church.

By the way: Eccles and Bosco have some pointers in giving out medals.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Maryland - The Freak Show Circus Commences!

Yes, Chelsea Manning has let loose with his first "campaign ad".  Truth be told, it's more reminiscent of a horror movie trailer than a political ad.  One can see where hatred has replaced thoughtfulness in their minds.  Even the music is creepy.  Oh, by the way - notice his adam's apple?  It's impossible to hide that piece of truth, Manning's self-deception notwithstanding.  It's quite possible that some in his campaign organization might have the common sense to realize that this ad is at best a laughingstock and will have it pulled.  Therefore, I'd suggest you download it to preserve proof of the intellectual and moral vacuity of the left.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

More Evidence That Maryland Is A Liberal Nut House

Pro-abortion Ben Cardin became a US Senator from Maryland, being the de facto desginated successor to faux-katholic pro-abortion Barbara Mikulski.  He is up for reelection during the upcoming elections and he has a challenger - Chelsea Manning.

These two sources (see here and here) err when they say that "Manning declared her intent to run for Senate" and "she will run as a Democrat".  Not so.  Allow me to correct those statements   "Manning declared his intent to run for Senate" and "he will run as a Democrat".   Several years ago, he went by the name Bradley Manning.  At that time, he was an Army private who leaked classified documents to wikileaks.  Those documents numbered about 750,000 and they contained information on suspected terrorists.  He claims he did so to end the Iraqi War and to punish the army for now allowing perverts to serve openly.  He was convicted of these crimes.  The Messiah Most Miserable commuted his sentence but didn't pardon him.

Let's get one thing straight right now. Chelsea Manning is a male.  One cannot change their sex by lopping off their private parts, shooting themselves full of hormones and cross-dressing.  One's sex at conception is the sex that is their's for all perpetuity.  But this doesn't matter in Maryland, where the rot of political correctness has run amok in the halls of governmental buildings.  There does remain the matter of him being a de facto traitor while in the army, but will that register a blip in the minds of Maryland Democrats?  That remains to be seen for I don't think Cardin will take this challenge lying down.  He'll probably have to tip-toe lightly, lest he have that dreaded label "transphobic" appended to his name.  As food fights go, this Democrat primary should be interesting, even entertaining to watch.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Pope Bestows Pontifical Honor On Abortion Facilitator

(HT - Lepanto Institute)

When President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, Lilianne Ploumen, a former official in the government of Netherlands, established an NGO called "She Decides" to raise money to replace the funds that Trump denied to abortionists.  The Lepanto link details more actions she has taken to promote baby-slaughter, sodomy and other manners of gross immorality.

So does Pope Francis call her to repentance?  No!  He bestowed upon her the title of Commander in the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. George.  Ladies and gentlemen, inasmuch as this woman's activities assisted - if not caused - the murders of countless babies, what the pope did in bestowing this honor on her is to spit on the memories of all those tiny children and those yet to be killed because of this woman.

Every time I think it cannot get much worse with this pontificate - it does!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Debate Over. Amoris Laetitia Is Heresy

Below what I now write is a video from the Remnant's Michael Matt, commenting on the Profession Of The Immutable Truths About Sacramental Marriage.  When I first posted about this on January 2, only the three bishops from Kazakhstan, the authors, had signed it.  Now the number of signers is seven, including one cardinal.

Matt points out that this statement is not one asking for "clarification", as was the dubia.  Rather, this statement directly contradicts and rebukes the errors of Amoris Laetitia.  Some ambiguity remains, though.  Pope Francis is not merely erroneous in how he interpreted Amoris Laetitia, but the pope's more egregious error lies in how he wrote Amoris Laetitia.  His interpretation is not erroneous; it's the document itself that is inherently heretical.

The dubia have been answered.  They may not have been answered according to protocol, but let's be real.  If the pope holds God's immutable truths in disdain (and he does!), why on earth would we think that he'd give a rat's ass about the protocols of the dubia?  We have the answers; we have the clarity.  It's just not a clear answer that we might wish, but it is what it is.  The progressives who wrote Amoris Laetitia (that includes the pope!) will not stop with Communion for unrepentant adulterers.  They seek to undermine Humanae Vitae and other cornerstones of Catholic moral teaching.

So what are we faithful Catholics going to do about it?  As Matt says, we must resist.  No one gets to sit quietly on the sidelines.  We are all members of the Church Militant and we must pray and act like it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Rosary To The Interior

My blogging colleague at Les Femmes got wind of this prayer effort.  It is called "Rosary to the Interior" and the intention is to pray the Rosary on February 2 for the purification of the Church.  The feast day celebrated on February 2 was at one time known as Candlemas and it commemorated both the Presentation of Jesus in the temple and the purification of the Blessed Mother.  In accordance with Old Testament law, mothers had to be purified after the births of their children. 

As Mary is a model for the Church, we take inspiration from this to pray that our Church be purified of the rot that has infested the Church.  This rot has made itself manifest by dissidence of clergy, irreverent Masses, all the other ills revealed in this blog and others like it.

Please read that entire site and make efforts to gather like-minded people to pray that Rosary, and to pray it everyday.  I will say this; the caption "but one thing is necessary" is problematic.  While the prayer is indeed necessary, it isn't the only thing necessary.  Remember: ora et labora.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

NARAL Gets Another Smack-Down In Baltimore

At first, when I saw this piece in Baltimore's Catholic Review, I thought I was reading old news.  After all, didn't a court already strike down the NARAL-orchestrated Baltimore ordinance that would have ordered pregnancy centers to promote abortion?  Then I looked again at my 2011 post.  At that time, a US District Court struck down the law.  A few days ago, it was the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit that upheld the 2009 ruling.  That means that the local pro-aborts must have appealed the District Court ruling only to be spanked again.

Thanks be to God in defending crisis pregnancy centers.  Also thanks is due to the Becket Fund and other lawyers who represented the Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns.